Unclassified - The Hidden World of Dark Matter

The Hidden World of Dark Matter

Welcome to the realm of the unknown, the invisible world that permeates every inch of our universe. It's a world that scientists are still struggling to fully understand, but it holds the key to unlocking some of the biggest mysteries of the cosmos. This is the hidden world of Dark Matter. An unseen substance, dark matter makes up about 85% of the universe's mass, but it doesn't interact with light, making it incredibly difficult to detect. Yet, its gravitational effects are evident, shaping galaxies and holding the universe together. Just as an x-ray reveals what is hidden beneath the skin, scientists are using innovative techniques to glimpse into this elusive world. Embark on a journey that promises to challenge the limits of your understanding and broaden your perspective on the...
Unclassified - Mysterious Radio Waves from Space: A New Discovery

Mysterious Radio Waves from Space: A New Discovery

The boundless universe, an endless expanse of galaxies, stars, and planets, continues to intrigue mankind with its myriad mysteries. One of these mysteries, the source of mysterious radio waves originating from deep space, has been recently addressed by scientists, leading to groundbreaking discoveries. These radio waves, often referred to as Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs), hold immense potential for understanding the universe and its origins better. If you've ever been fascinated by space, cosmic events, or the scientific quest for understanding the unknown, this blog post will pique your interest. So, buckle up for an exciting journey through the galaxies as we delve into the phenomenon of mysterious space radio waves, their importance, and what they might signify for the future of astronomy...